24V 5A 7-Stage Lead Acid AGM Motorcycle Car Battery Charger 12V 10A Smart LCD Display Automatic Charger

Get the 24V 5A 7-Stage Lead Acid AGM Motorcycle Car Battery Charger from our factory. 12V 10A Smart LCD Display Automatic Charger for efficient charging.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Nominal Voltage
Charger Style
Intelligent Charger
Compatible Battery Type
170*90*60 mm
Socket Type
for UK/EU/Us/Jp/Italy/Brazil/Australia/New Zealand
Model Number
12V 24V Lead Acid Battery Charger
Short Circuit Protection, Over-Charging
Use for
Motorcycle Car
Rated Output
12V 10A 24V 5A
Input Voltage
Transport Package
HS Code
Production Capacity

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
25.00cm * 15.00cm * 10.00cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description

New Product 12V 10A 24V 5A Automatic Car Battery Charger for AGM GEL WET Battery Fast Charge

Product Description
Name Battery Charger 12V 10A 24V 5A for Automatic Motorcycle Car
Material ABS
Protection Short Circuit Protection, Over-charging, Overcurrent, Overvoltage
Function Battery charger, Standard Battery, Motorcycle Battery, Car battery
Output Power 140W
Model Number TK-600
Use For Motorcycle Car
Rated output 12V/10A  24V/5A
Input voltage 100-240VAC,50-60HZ
Dimension(L*W*H) 170*90*60 mm
Weight 0.61kg
Compliant standards CE,IEC60335,EN61000,En55014
24V 5A 7-Stage Lead Acid AGM Motorcycle Car Battery Charger 12V 10A Smart LCD Display Automatic Charger24V 5A 7-Stage Lead Acid AGM Motorcycle Car Battery Charger 12V 10A Smart LCD Display Automatic Charger
Product Multiple Protection:

(1) output short circuit, anti-reverse connection:
the product has an output short circuit, reverse battery prompt (reverse connection 1-2S detection, detection of reverse connection reverse connection or short circuit when the LCD display "ERO", the detection process will not cause damage to the product because of reverse connection or short circuit), and reverse connection, after the microprocessor program processing, there will be no reverse connection sparking phenomenon occurs.
(2) battery power detection:
no access to AC input voltage, battery clamps clamped on the positive and negative ends of the battery (red positive and black negative), you can display the battery current and voltage parameters in time (digital tube display data: voltage and ambient temperature cycle display, power grid according to the detected data in the form of a percentage display, the first power 6S self-test waiting, 6S not to show the temperature, 6S to reach the temperature and voltage cycle display).
(3) winter and summer mode:
during the charging process, detect the ambient temperature, timely adjustment of the product charging state to ensure battery life and charging safety, winter mode: LCD display snowflakes, summer mode: LCD display sun.
(4) over-temperature protection:
the product has over-temperature protection function, the product detects the temperature is too high, will start the over-tempterature protection program, when the temperature returns to normal values, restore the initial charging state.
(5) Overcharge protection:
the product has an overcharge protection function to avoid overcharging resulting in a decline in battery life and to enhance the reliability of charging safety (maximum charging time default 15.5-16.0H).
(6) Charging voltage self-test:
automatic self-test after the battery is charged, without artificial switching, the self-test passes into the floating charge, and vice versa into the compensation charge, the compensation charge is completed into the floating charge.
(7) LCD display status. a: full state:
LCD display "FUL", power grid "100%" e: charging status: LCD cycle display voltage, current, temperature, power grid "charging special effects display" f: repair mode: LCD display "PUL", power grid "repair effect display", repair icon flashing g: no-load battery detection: LCD cycle display voltage, temperature, power grid according to the battery power in the form of percentage display.
24V 5A 7-Stage Lead Acid AGM Motorcycle Car Battery Charger 12V 10A Smart LCD Display Automatic Charger 24V 5A 7-Stage Lead Acid AGM Motorcycle Car Battery Charger 12V 10A Smart LCD Display Automatic Charger Charging Steps:
(1) detect the state of the battery before charging, the output alligator clips on both ends of the battery, red positive and black negative, with LCD display data (power on 6S self-test, 6S after the temperature and voltage cycle display, self-test before the display temperature), this step must ensure that AC power is not connected, only AC power disconnected before operation.
(2) thecharger AC input line into the plug, and then open the plug switch.
(3) mode selection (if the key after 30S self-locking, please remove any alligator clips, with LCD display OFF, key unlock,confirm good mode, clip on the alligator clips), and then charging.
(4) When the charger shows "FUL" or "End", it means that the charging or repair mode is over, disconnect the AC input at this time and observe the battery capacity status after 10S (LCD cycle shows voltage and temperature, the power grid shows the current battery capacity),confirm full, disconnect the alligator clips from the battery.

24V 5A 7-Stage Lead Acid AGM Motorcycle Car Battery Charger 12V 10A Smart LCD Display Automatic Charger
24V 5A 7-Stage Lead Acid AGM Motorcycle Car Battery Charger 12V 10A Smart LCD Display Automatic Charger
Company Profile

Tianchang Zhiyun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

                                                        Professional battery charger manufacturer

Tianchang Zhiyun Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is a technological innovation enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of electronic products such as battery chargers, power supplies, etc.  The company is located in Tianchang City, Anhui Province, covering an area of 1000 square meters, having a variety of advanced production equipment.

The company's independent flagship brand E-FAST has multiple models of products, including ZYX-J10 (12V6A);   ZYX-J20(12V7A);   ZYX-J30 (12V8A 24V4A);   ZYX-J40(12V6A 24V3A);   ZYX-J50(12V10A 24V5A);   ZYX-J99(6V/12V2A);    TK100(12V24V batteryTester);   TK300(12V6A);   TK360(12V6A);   TK400(12V6A);   TK500(12V12A 24V6A);   TK700 (12V10A 24V5A), mainly suitable for lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, AGM and GEL batteries, WET batteries,Start stop batteries,etc.

The company also has 36V 48V 60V 64V 72V 84V 96V 12AH 20AH 32AH 38AH 45AH 52AH and other models of lead-acid battery chargers for electric vehicles, electric bicycles, Car,motorcycles, scooters and so on.

In addition, the company has ternary lithium batteries and iron lithium battery chargers of models such as 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V, 2A, 3A, 5A, 10A, 12A, 15A, 18A, 30A, 20-30A, 25-35A, 40-60A, etc.

In short, we can offer various types of battery chargers and power inverter with a wide range of coverage.  We specialize in wholesale and can provide you with a variety of customized services, including product appearance, colors, and logos.  If the customer chooses us, we promise that you will enjoy preferential policies such as minimum order quantity, samples and large discounts.

24V 5A 7-Stage Lead Acid AGM Motorcycle Car Battery Charger 12V 10A Smart LCD Display Automatic Charger

Our Advantages:
1.10+ Years Experience,Quick Respond, Fast Shipping.
2. Factory directly, Massive Stock, lead time 0-3 days.
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Q1: Can I get a sample?
A:Of course, but you may need to pay sample charge which will be returned after any order signed. Some stock sample will be free for you!

Q2: Are you a factory or trading company?
A:We are a factory with more than 10 years experience in producing rechargeable battery and battery charger .

Q3: Do you accept OEM and ODM service?
A:Yes, we accept OEM and ODM service.

Q4: What is your main market?
A: Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America, Europe and many other countries and regions.
Q5:What certificates your products have?
A:Most of our products have CE FCC Rohs etc. Don't worry about the quality!

Q6:Do you have own R & D team in your factory?
A:Yes,we have our own R & D and technical teams,they will update the products regularly and can help clients to solve the technical problems immediately.

Q7:Why it seems your price a little lower than other suppliers?
A:We are the real factory shipments, no middlemen to earn the price difference.

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